Sand Tray Therapy

sand trayWhat is Sand Tray Therapy?

Sand Tray therapy allows the client to explore and express their feelings in a “safe” manner.  Sand Tray therapy assists the individual in discovering deep and underlying issues as well as developing coping mechanisms through the use of metaphor and symbolism.  Sand Tray therapy is excellent for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples.  Sand Tray therapy can access complex issues that standard talk therapy cannot.  Sand Tray therapy utilizes a container filled with sand and a variety of miniature items.  This allows the client to develop their own scene in the sand and speak to the scene in a metaphor.  This approach is non-threatening and assists the client in identifying issues they are struggling with in their life.

Sand Tray Therapy at Joining Hands Creative Counseling & Wellness

The Creative Therapy Center offers an exquisite collection of sand tray miniatures.  Each miniature has been carefully selected with the clients use in mind.  We offer two different sets of sand tray miniatures; one for children up to twelve years of age, and one for adults.  These two sets allows the client endless possibilities to their counseling sessions.

sandtray room