Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a therapeutic technique used with children ages 3 – 11.  Free play interaction is the child’s vocabulary, and is a limitless language of self-expression.  There are no specific rules in play as there are in verbal communication, and thus, allows the child to feel safe doing what they do best…PLAY!!

The pace of the therapy is controlled by the child and allows the child to expand the expression of self.  Play therapy provides healing form hurts and trauma, and breaks down tension.  Play therapy is conducted in a safe environment, which allows the child to express a variety of emotions.  Play
therapy assists the child in learning to cope with anxieties and conflicts through their natural pastime of play.

The Creative Therapy Center utilizes Dr. Byron Norton’s model of Experiential Play Therapy and Garry Landreth’s Child-Centered model of play therapy.  Both models are non-directive and work effectively with children.

Directive Play Therapy

The Creative Therapy Center specializes in Directive Play Therapy and counseling services for children who are diagnosed with:

  • Developmental & Cognitive Delays
  • Autism Spectrum

Directive Play Therapy can assist the child in:

  • Learning social skills
  • Managing anger
  • Expressing emotions
  • Identifying facial expressions
  • Increasing conversation skills
  • Understanding personal boundaries & space
  • Developing empathy

*Parents are invited & strongly encouraged to participate in the Directive Play Therapy process.