Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

What is Infant Mental Health?

“Infant mental health” is defined as the healthy social and emotional development of a child from birth to 3 years; and a growing field of research and practice devoted to the:

  • Promotion of healthy social & emotional development
  • Prevention of mental health problems
  • Treatment of the mental health problems of very young children in the context of their families

Adapted from a working definition Developed by Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families-Infant Mental Health Task Force.Infant Sucking Finger

How can The Creative Therapy Center help?

We can assist you in:

  • Identifying normal childhood development
  • Identify indicators of at-risk behaviors in your infant/small child
  • Provide support & counseling with Postpartum Depression symptoms
  • Offer support in parenting
  • Assist in birth plan development

We can assist you in fostering a positive healthy relationship between you and your child that will continue a lifetime.

  • Biological (temperament, genetics, etc)
  • Parenting practices (socialization, nurturing, play, exposure to violence, etc)
  • Environments (prenatal, family, community, experiences, poverty, etc)
  • Relationships/Attachments (experiences, interactions, etc).

Infant Yawning