Filial Play Therapy

What is Filial Play Therapy

The Creative Therapy Center specializes in Filial Play Therapy and counseling services for children and their parents.  Filial Play Therapy is designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship.  Filial therapy can be used in families who have few or no real problems but the wish to strengthen their relationships within their family system.  Filial therapy can also be used in families that are struggling with significant problems as well as families that are working on reunification.

In Filial therapy the parents work as a partner with the therapist to create a positive change within the family system.  Filial therapy assists parents in developing skills in the areas of structuring, limit-setting and empathetic listening while engaging in
play with their child.  Filial therapy begins in the office setting, but gradually moves to the home-setting, allowing the parent to have “special” play times with their child.


Advantages to Filial Play Therapy

  • The parent has the relationship with the child and knows the child better than the therapist.
  • Parents learn the process of the play session.
  • Parents are the most important being in a child’s life.
  • Changes that occur in the filial play therapy are usually positive and long-lasting.
  • Parents gain a better understanding of their child through plan.